A Fun and Unique Way to Stimulate Learning Across All Dimensions

We’re a huge team of creative individuals trained to cater to a wide range of students. Our enrichment programs inspire children to dream bigger and believe in themselves so that they can be confident individuals tomorrow.
The programs are geared towards stimulating children’s cognitive thinking through engaging activities such as Creative Writing, Music and Art.

Won Award for “Best in Stimulating Speech and Drama Learning” as voted by Parents World Singapore



Play is a child’s instinctual form of learning and feeding their curiosity. With the right materials, children’s play can be the gateway to valuable self-exploration and personal development.
Our trained and dedicated teachers go the extra mile to ensure a positive and healthy environment where every child feels seen and loved and is given space to grow while maintaining their individuality.



Children perform a play or story, incorporating dialogue, role-play, characterisation and improvisation.


Role Play

Children assume a character, role and mannerisms.


Mime and Movement

Acting by using bodily movements and gestures.


Poetry Recitation

Appreciation of language, relying on sounds and images of language to convey emotions.


Choral Reading

Develop the ability to listen and contribute towards the creation of a harmonious recitation.


Reading Aloud

Narrate a poem or verse in front of an audience with vocal and facial expressions.

Chelsea Kidz

Here’s what others have to say about our enrichment programme!

Chelsea Kidz has been working with children since 2003. Our enrichment teachers hold certifications from London Teachers’ Training College (L.T.T.C., U.K.) and make up a team of dynamic and result-oriented teachers who are committed to inculcate a passion for learning.

Mrs Jenny Khan, Centre Principal

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Since the implementation of Speech and Drama Enrichment in our school, our children are more expressive and have since used correct words and proper sentences with the right pronunciation. Chelsea Kidz teachers have a great student relationship with our students too. For example, Teacher Jas has good interaction skills with the students so much so that the children are always eager to see her in class!
In essence, Speech and Drama Enrichment has helped and improved not only our children’s vocal development but the use of English language as well. Thank you Chelsea Kidz!

Ms Mala, Centre Director and Principal

WhizKid Preschool Centre

My centre was outsourcing for a program which will value add to our existing curriculum. Thus we were looking for a program which will reinforce confidence building skills and pay special focus in developing their communication skills. Was immediately impressed with the program provided by Chelsea Kidz which is tailored to meet and reinforce their language skills with the fun element of Drama and presentation skills.
Children are more confident and the program did help some of my more quiet children in their communication skills. During presentation and events they are able to share their talents and skills and speak with confidence.
And of course the fee charged by Chelsea Kidz is very reasonable for the program provided by the teachers who have very good communication skills and excellent delivery of the activities. They do have qualified teachers with the necessary training skills who have done excellent work with the children. Very pleased with the teachers provided by Chelsea kidz for the program!

Ms Milah, Centre Principal

Berry Tree Preschool Centre

Our school has decided to continue with the Speech and Drama Enrichment Programme with Chelsea Kidz as part of continuing our programme integration efforts.
I have seen great improvement in our kids especially when they perform in front of the audience. Special mention goes out to Teacher Farah who has a great student teacher relationship even with our new children. Our children are more responsive and interactive during her lessons. Great job!


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